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Thread: Richard Ritter and his work

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    Richard Ritter and his work

    For years I have read Fred Picker's newsletters and have read his comments about how Richard Ritter was an excellent photographer and craftsman. This past week we were in Brattleboro Vermont and while my wife was shopping I was wondering the streets and happen upon a photography show by Richard Ritter. The work was fabulous. Even my wife when she found me was in awe about the work. The work speaks for it self it's moving, has feeling, life and just takes your breath away. If you are in the area I would strongly suggest going to see the show.

    This leads me to my next comment about Richard Ritter. The next day I was out photographing and was having problem with my new used camera. So by chance I gave Mr. Ritter a call he said that I should come over and he would take a look at my camera. I did, I ended up spending the afternoon and part of the evening with him. Mr. Ritter is a very knowable person in the field of using the view camera and the zone system. The few hours I spent with him I learned a lot about the proper use of the camera and the zone system. I also learned why we the public at large, has not seem any of his work. It's now time, he is probably the only person that has been in the shadow of Fred Picker the longest and from Fred's comments in the newsletters about Mr. Ritter, Fred was not kidding us. Richard is a gifted craftsman and a very talent photographer.

    I ended up leaving my camera with him but he was kind enough to lend me his. I was going to send the camera back to the camera maker but after seeing the work Mr. Ritter was doing on other cameras and the projects he was working on I had compel confidence that the camera was in good hands. I now have my camera back it's better then the day I bought it.

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    Richard Ritter and his work

    The 7X17 he was building the back for is mine. OhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoy! Maybe I'll get to use that thing yet.
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    Richard Ritter and his work

    Richard's a top notch lens and shutter repairer too. His show is awe-inspiring and he has the rare capacity to move smoothly between the intimate, close mode to extensive landscape views. Brattleboro, VT is also hosting incredible work by Paul Taylor at the Vermont Center for Photography. He does work using the arcane wet collodion plate process as well as photogravure.

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    Richard Ritter and his work

    Is there any of his work visible on the web?
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Richard Ritter and his work

    Try this.

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    Richard Ritter and his work

    You can see a few of Richard's images on his website >><<.

    Some nay also be interested to note that he is running a highly personalized workshop next month.

    I have no affiliation with Richard or the workshop.


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    Richard Ritter and his work

    Note: Richard also performs great light meter repairs too. He's a rarity - both a great technician AND a great artist. Nice guy too.

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    Richard Ritter and his work

    I add my vote, Richard is a very nice guy. I had problems with my ZOne VI enlarger staying aligned and he took the time to help me fix it. The unusual thing was that he cared enough that he contacted me and told me what to do, I had learned to live with the enlarger like it was. Of course now, it is much, much better...

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