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Thread: "Sky Rock" Petroglyph

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    Re: "Sky Rock" Petroglyph

    I rode dirt bikes for years in the Clear Creek area adjacent to New Idria. They closed the area a few years back because of the Asbestos levels, maybe that's why I lost my hair?
    Yes, I think you’re right. But I don’t think that they actually “closed” it with barricades and all just closed it officially on the map. One could do a loop through New Idria and back out through Clear Creek but I never went any further than up the hill a mile or so on the back-side of New Idria. The maps call for high clearance 4-wheel which was beyond the capabilities of my little Nissan and Toyota’s.

    New Idria was a hand-out for motorcycle gangs – I believe the Mongrols used it.

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    Re: "Sky Rock" Petroglyph

    Last time I went past there, the road was literally washed out. That was obviously awhile back.

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    Re: "Sky Rock" Petroglyph

    It's unbelievable, these photos belong to you, dperez? Have you used Photoshop? And maybe you will also like these tips
    I'm curious what you think!
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