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Thread: 5" Sinar filters

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    5" Sinar filters

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a supplier of quality 5" (125 mm) neutral density grad filters that will fit a Sinar filterholder? I currently have several filters and a system of ring adapters, polarizer, etc. and would like to stay with the system I have, but I need to find a 0.9 NDG filter, and in the event of loss or damage, a source for future replacements.

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    5" Sinar filters


    I can't help you but I would like to add that I am after Sinar 125mm Red and Yellow filters.

    I forget the name of the company in Wales which made the filters - pretty sure they make many of the acryllic filters - perhaps they may be able to impersonate the cavalry and come to the rescue.

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    5" Sinar filters

    walter, try fotocare for the 125mm red and yellow filters- they bought out the stock of filters from sinar-bron in the USA when they discontinued them.

    212-741-2990 ask for tommy- he is the LF guy over there.

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    5" Sinar filters

    Thank you james, I shall.


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    5" Sinar filters

    Supposedly, the Sinar acrylic filters are made by Formatt, - the 100 mm Sinar filters should be identical to Hitech 100 mm filters, or so I have been told.

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    5" Sinar filters

    I contacted Formatt and they have returned a positve response saying they can make up the filters in a couple of weeks but they won't be branded Sinar — big deal!

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