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Thread: Feature request

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    Feature request

    Hmm, I think that maybe what James Driscoll was originally getting at was to sort the listing of questions based on the time of the last reply, as opposed to today's sorting based on time of initial posting.

    The "New Answers" page does exactly that, except it only lists to the presumed time of your last visit. That might not always be what the user wants.

    I see no significant reason for change. Possibly it would have been nice to not limit the time scope of the "New Answers" page, sometimes I come back to the forum more than once a day and then might lose part of the listing at "New Answers".

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    Feature request

    The "New Responses" page displays threads that have been responded to starting from the moment you select that page and going back 10 full screens, i.e. the 300 most recent responses. It has nothing to do with the time of your last visit. It is a vastly superior mechanism to the cookie-based mess at Please leave it as is.

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    Feature request

    Sal - I apologize, I did not check the facts properly before posting, mixed it up with the software.

    The "New Responses" page works exectly the way it should, I see no reason for changes.

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