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Thread: Scanview Scanmate 11000

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    Scanview Scanmate 11000

    Hi. My father recently passed away and i inherited quiet a few of his older equipment from his film days. Im actually a video guy and hoping some of these things can help others and also help me make some lighting purchases i want to make.

    I have a Scanview Scanmate is excellent condition with software and 2 drums. What is a fair price for something like this these days? After i have a ballpark idea im going to ask my mother for permission to sell


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    Re: Scanview Scanmate 11000

    I saw one that sold for $2000 but would consider the seller lucky. They're probably good machines but the market is very small for something like that. Too it depend on how it runs and if everything is there like a dongle if required.

    Good luck

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    Re: Scanview Scanmate 11000

    Where are you? Freight shipping could be prohibitively expensive to a distant buyer.

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    Re: Scanview Scanmate 11000

    i am in New York City. Im hoping i can find somebody local.

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    Re: Scanview Scanmate 11000

    I sent you a pm

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