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Thread: how old are we?

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    how old are we?

    44 in a few weeks. Bought my first real camera, a Canon FTb, when I was a freshman in high school with money earned hauling hay bales in the summer. Started in large format about 3 years ago.

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    how old are we?

    I'm 35, have been using 5x7 on and off since my second year of college in 1986. After taking a six year hiatus (grad school and other forms of angst) I am again staring at ground glass. I 'discovered' this forum only six months ago, but really enjoy it.

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    how old are we?

    39 in spirit! 55 according to the calendar!

    Started LF 38 years ago (apparently at the mental age of 1).

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    how old are we?

    <a name="1">22</a> - I've been interested in photography for about eight years. I've studied LF on and off for a few years, and I began using an LF camera several months ago. I think that I may have a mid- life crisis when I turn 25 (a quarter of a century). I may need to save up for some big glass.

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    how old are we?

    I am 37. Started serious photography with a 35mm Ricoh as an exchange student in Spain at 14. Then a Nikon, then a Pentax 67, then a toyo starter 4x5 in 1989. Then a Canham 5x7 in 1997, pyro in 1999 and an 8x10 this year. My day job is in radio so spending free moments focusing and "moving" a big camera is a welcome balance.

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    how old are we?

    Ha! I guess I'm the youngest here...

    I am 16, and I just started LF with a horseman LE (used) and an Angulon 90/6.8

    although I am new to this page, the archives have helped me immensely. I hope to participate and learn more from all you experienced people out there.

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    how old are we?


    Just purchased my first 4x5 three weeks a go and i'm hooked!!! Look at those chromes!! And I'm 27 years olds.

    I don't see too many people shooting large format at all.

    Or selling the film!

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    how old are we?

    I am 50 and brand new to LF. I have shot 35 since my Kodak Brownie days and MF for several years.

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    how old are we?

    In dog years, I would be dead! Hi everybody -- I am 37 years young! I got my real start in photography when I received a Canon 35mm from my parents on my 16th birthday. Prior to that, I had either borrowed my sister's 35mm or used my trusty Kodak Pocket Instamatic, complete with flip flash ;-) !

    In college, I was 2 1/2 years into a Mechanical Engineering degree when I started taking photo courses in Film & Television Production. I received my BS in F&TV (photography option) with the thinking that if it looked as though I was doomed to flipping burgers, I could always go back and finish up engineering. It's been 14 years since and I haven't looked back. I consider myself fortunate that I am able to do what I love for a living.

    I started in LF and MF about 16 years ago. I sold my first LF camera (Omega 45D) and worked mostly with MF until I acquired a 4x5 technical field (Wista SP) about eight years ago. My absence from LF photography only rekindled my love for the large format process. Today, most of my shooting is done with 4x5 (although my Mamiya 7II is kind of fun too!). Additionally, with the help of some fellow LF forum members, I am well on my way in the restoration of an 8x10 Korona. When people stop and ask me what kind of camera I am using, I simply smile and say that it's a "new old camera." (Their response is usually, "Boy, I bet it takes good pictures!")

    Sorry for the long-winded answer to a simple question -- I hope that none of you have fallen asleep face-down on the keyboard. Good light to all!

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    how old are we?

    Am I the only O.F. here? I'm 71 but only a "mini" LF photographer with a Horseman 980. The pack with tripod weighs in at over #25 which gets very old after a few miles. I'm sure my 28 marathons have helped me drag the "stone" around. Just got back from the Greek Islands where, because I've become enamored with my 2450 and 1280 Scanner/printer, I took more color than B&W.


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