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Thread: rittreck film holders

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    rittreck film holders


    Does anyone know if the old 5x7 Kodak wood film holders will work with the rittreck?


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    Re: rittreck film holders

    I have some old unmarked 5x7 wooden holders which came with a 2D, so they are Kodak compatible. Those holders are the same external dimensions as Riteway or Fidelity holders except in the overall length, where they are about 1 cm shorter than the more modern plastic holders.

    I haven't used the wooden ones with my Rittreck 5x7 back (I use 13x18 holders with the Rittreck here in Europe, same external dimensions as 5x7), so cannot assure you there are no light leaks, but they do fit snugly into the Rittreck back. They almost disappear into the slot because they're shorter, not having the top ridge or lip of modern holders. Only the silver edge of the holder dark slide remains visible (the modern plastic holders leave the top lip of the holder outside the slot), but they seat securely, and should work just fine (unless the old wooden holder itself is defective).

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: rittreck film holders

    They do in mine. There are very slight differences in window placement as compared to the Rittreck holders.

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