Back in the day when I was using this stuff a gallon per week, I would store it in a "hot" cabinet at 100 F and fill the air space with marbles in the bottles to use up the air space. Later I was using it with replenisher and keep them topped off that way. Once they discontinued Vericolor film I never liked any of the "unnatural" color films so I got out of it. I even had this paper processor that had 3 @ 2 1/2 gal tanks of Flexicolor for the chemicals with floating lids and temperature control. It used baskets that held 100 8x10" sheet of paper. You dipped and dunked them and dried them off in a RC print dryer. That was $900.00 well spent for the volume I was doing. I had four sets of baskets, I think they cost $100 each in the early 80's, and while the first two were being fan dried I used the second.... was always ready to print more. One print I used a 8x10 film hanger. Just had to top off the tanks with replenisher. Fortunately for me digital printing was getting better. Been there ever since and don't long for a smelly wet lab and worry about expensive chemistry going to waste.

If you can hold the temperatures in a lot of ways color processing is easier than black and white. There is only so much you can do with color before you blow it. With B&W there is lot you have do to make it look better.