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Thread: Jersey City, NJ

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    Re: Jersey City, NJ

    I know this is old news, but in case anybody is listening, I have set up a tripod and shot in the Hoboken train station property a few times, and in the view of the Police, right out in the Bus area. I love the iron columns!

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    Re: Jersey City, NJ

    shall setup a meet, nyc, li & nj, etc...

    i also meet once a month with leica folks in mahattan, mostly chatting and beering, since small format is easy to walk around, i guess we decided not to go shoot on the street as a group.

    anyhow, lf shooting time is more valuable, find a great viewpoint, we can meet up...


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    Re: Jersey City, NJ

    Did this group ever form-up? Would be interested in joining up

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    Re: Jersey City, NJ

    It looks from previous posts that there were never enough interested photographers, but perhaps a couple of years later our numbers have grown? The one group meeting I attend monthly is interesting from a photographic standpoint, but while most of the work is of a high standard, it is primarily digital/Photoshop: Anyway, it would be fun to get together with more LF participants!

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    Re: Jersey City, NJ

    yes i would be interested in meeting up in NYC as well. Ive shot in Brooklyn bridge park but would be interested in discovering other locations

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