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Thread: New 1212

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    New 1212

    Hi, We just finished a new 12x12 wet plate camera for the dutch photographer Michiel Maessen. It is made out of basswood, somehow soft, but very stable and light wood. It has 108cm of bellows draw, front shift and geared rise/fall, back base tilt and swing and it weights, without the extension 9,5kg. When folded it dimensions are height 50cm, width 43 cm and depth 25cm. The metal parts are cut from steel and triple plated (copper, nickel and hard chrome). You can see all the pictures I made of it here. As you can see it is quite large, I was very pressed by the luck of time and shooting it in my home with the only lens (60mm fixed) I had, gave not the best result. I have to organize a place where to photograph those monsters, but first I'll need to buy more versatile digital outfit. Anyway! Our next project looks to be 20x24 field film camera with a robust front standard for brassies and extension of 2m and holders. I'll keep you posted.

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    Re: New 1212

    VERY beautiful work, as always !

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