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Thread: Harman Direct Positive Images

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    John Olsen
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    Re: Harman Direct Positive Images

    My show of 16 Harman DPP images is up for the month of June at Artworks Gallery, Greenbank, WA. It includes 4x5 pinhole, 4x5 view camera and 8x10 view camera work from the last couple of years. If you're up to Whidbey Island, please stop by. I'll be working the gallery on Saturday the 24th, otherwise, call me and I'll meet other LF'ers there to exchange experiences.

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    John O

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    Re: Harman Direct Positive Images

    Quote Originally Posted by John Olsen View Post
    Here's another from Ft. Casey - lots of photogenic concrete there.

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    Re: Harman Direct Positive Images

    I've relatively close, but sadly not that close enough to go up there easily. It would have been great to see them in person!

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