The mystery lens is likely a Goerz 8.25" Multi Coated Gold Dot Dagor made in Swi tzerland. Your can buy them from reputable dealers, such as George Ury in Illino is (check Shutterbug) for about $1100 in pristine condition. This lens is not to be confused with the Goerz of America version. This Swiss made lens is somewhat rare, but shows up on the used market. While I cannot vouch for 11x14, it shoul d. I used it on 8x10 and had coverage for 2" shifts without loss of image or qua lity. A less expensive option is the Kowa Graphic 210mm f9--not the Symmetregon (sp?) f6.3. The f9 Kowas will cover will easily cover 8x10 with moves to spare and fit in a #1 Copal. Their 270 f9 will cover 7x17 if you play with it properly . Be careful thought, like any other lens, ther are some clunker Kowas out there . Good luck.