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Thread: Timer Instructions

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    Timer Instructions

    I was wondering if anyone here would happen to have a copy of the owners manual for the Zone VI Compensating Enlarging Timer .Or would be able to scan a copy ?Would be greatly appreciative . All attempts to procure one through Calumet have failed and have not been able to locate one online .

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    Re: Timer Instructions

    I don't believe you've identified the particular device succinctly. OK, assuming you are not looking for the ZI timers for the head (i.e., enlarging), Metrolux, etc...

    The Zone VI Compensating Developing Timer (not Zone VI Compensating Enlarging Timer) is a fairly simple, self-explanatory, device. Here are the docs:

    Calumet not making them anymore? You should copy these out as they are on my website directories and will be removed soon.

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    Re: Timer Instructions

    Actually I was looking for the compensating timer for the cold light head from Zone VI.But thank you anyway .I will copy them anyway should I get one of those timers.

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    Re: Timer Instructions

    I scanned my copy of the compensating enlarging timer but, I can't get it to fit the download specifications of this forum (my ineptness). I'll try to email it to you.

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    Re: Timer Instructions

    Thank you .I appreciate that muchly.

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