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Thread: Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    Greetings to all.

    My wife and I will be moving from California back to Texas this coming June, and I am planning on taking the entire month of May off and traveling to Utah and A rizona for photo heaven.

    I was planning on traveling there this past May, but never made it (look at prio r post in this forum). If you had the better part of 3 weeks to photograph, wher e would you spend the bulk of your time? Since I have only driven through the ar ea in a day or so, I am a newbie to that area of the country.

    I know this is a huge request, and I will get varied replies, I just want to bra instorm a bit, since there are so many places to see and photograph. I am planni ng on shooting color *and* b&w on this trip, if this makes any difference.

    Here is my short list:

    Grand Canyon Canyon de Chelly Zion Monument Valley

    -Andy Biggs

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    I just had a trip there (Zion, Bryce, Page, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon) in the last week of December. Altough I didn't take a lot of LF images (it was a family trip with kids) I know where I want to go back. From California you can aim directly to Zion, and then Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon's North Rim if it's open, Page for the Anteloppe slot canyons, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Petrified Forest, Saguaro Nat'l Monument, White Sands Nat'l Monument, and finish in the colorful Hill Country in Texas at the LBJ State Park just in time for the flower bloom. That sounds a nice trip and 3 weeks should be perfect for it.

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    Andy, if I were you this would be my travel plan. Zion, then East to Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley State Park, Arches Nat'l Park, then South to Monument Valley, and Canyon de Chelly. On the Home Page for this site is a travel section with a review of some areas I visited back in November 2000, take a look at it for some ideas. I wish I were going, have a good trip. Happy shooting. Pat.

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    While you are doing Zion and Bryce, you should plan on an afternoon (by far the best time) to stop by Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park. It is just north of Kanab, UT. If you are willing to do a little bit of hiking to get away from the 4WD vehicle tracks, you can get some incredible images of the dunes. Sounds like a great trip.

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    My favorites were Antelope Canyon and Arches. I think I would have liked Bryce as much as Arches if I hadn't gotten bad weather for that part. Sadly my trip was much shorter than yours will be (only one week).

    I spent a day and a half in Antelope (upper and lower... definitely do both) with 35mm, and I thought that was adequate. With LF, I would suggest doing a day of scouting (perhaps with 35mm and get it developed at the one hour place to see what works). Once you know what compositions you really like, go back with the big camera. I want to go back one day and reshoot one particular shot with 4x5 (if I can find the spot again).

    Arches would probably be good for several days as long as they aren't overcast. I spent two there.

    Be willing to modify your itinerary based on weather. Some places need blue skies and some need cloudy.

    Shameless web page plug:

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May


    You don't say if you like shooting big landscapes or small, or if you like shooting structures. Also which part of California your from. If your crossing Northern Nevada to get to Utah you may want to think about Great Basin National Park. In addition to Zion I highly recommend Capitol Reef. Otherwise I would suggest staying at the Parry Lodge in Kanab as a base of operations.

    Its a pretty cool place and not too far from some of the sights. You may also want to purchase some resources from the following site

    Take lots of film.

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    Andy- Definetly the Coral Pink Sand Dunes are worth a visit.

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    every place mentioned so far is great, and highly name I didn't see, though:

    Kodachorme Basin, in Utah.

    If you like to shoot color, plan to spend twice as much time in Bryce Cyn as you think you need. The place is photo heaven.


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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    I've always wanted to visit White Sands National Monument (mentioned above). I'd suggest going there at sunset to see the dunes reflect the colors, although you may need special permission to be there late.

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    Trip to Utah & Arizona in May

    To all the posters to Andy's requests: Do you people ever shoot outside of a National Park/Monument, or other area officially decared as scenic by the government? Do you ever explore and shoot something that hasn't been done? I can see not doing so if you live out east where it's mostly private land, but in the west? Unbeleivable!

    It's a free country, and if you are happy going where you go, party on! But don't you get tired of the crowds, the regulations, the well- trodden appearence of everything (like a good-looking woman who has lost her charms by being too easy with her virtue - she's everybody's girl), and having the best shot you can take bested by something Muench, Dykinga, Carr Clifton, L. Ulrich, J. Gnass, et. al. has already done? More power to you if your happy doing this, but I just don't get it.

    Andy - You might want to consider swinging south thru west Texas and New Mexico and exlporing that area the most, since it will be the closest "western" landscape to you once you are relocated, more in your backyard then Utah or AZ.


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