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Thread: Photographing in Nova Scotia

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    Re: Photographing in Nova Scotia

    Good sightseeing and hiking on Cape Breton Island. Agree with the comment about visually nice but photographically a little plain. We drove the Cabot Trail around the north/east tip of the island and enjoyed it. Did a nice hike out to a vista looking towards the ocean with a nice view of the very green headlands. Cityscapes and boat/harbor shots might be more plentiful than stunning landscapes. Also nature shots on hiking trails would be good subject material. Do some research on the locally unique vegetation species and think about finding these items for subjects.

    On our hike we came across a large bull moose about 15 yards from the hiking trail. He minded his own business and so did we! I have some digital P&S images that turned out fairly nicely.

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    Re: Photographing in Nova Scotia

    I will say that the lichin on craggy rock is spectacular for macro work.

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    Re: Photographing in Nova Scotia

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the tips/suggestions/photos. We've been here since last Friday evening, and I love it! South shore so far, Halifax tomorrow, Digby end of the week....Too much to see and not nearly enough time. Will definitely have to come back. Looking forward to developing some film when we get home, and I'll post here if any come out well enough to share.

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