Does anyone out there know what power rating the have lamps that were originally supplied with the Dusrst labator 138? I have just used mine (second hand) for t he first time. It has 2 x 1000W lamps. The head gets VERY hot for anything over 20 sec. (yes the fan is running). Either this is normal or I am wondering if the y are supposed to be 500W instead..

Secondly i heard from an ilford rep here in Aus that leaking rollers on a CAP 40 processor will cause contamination. I agree with him but looking at the design the gap between rollers would have to be quite big before this happens, as the j oin betwwen the rollers is above the height of the chemical....any contamination I would think would just be the usual carryover. any experiences someone has ha d would be great to hear from.