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Thread: Sink - standard or custom?

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    Sink - standard or custom?

    Hello all,

    Reincarnating my darkroom and am wondering about a sink. My previous darkroom had no sink, so simply having a sink is an upgrade. I will have enough room in the new darkroom for an approximately 4 feet long sink area.

    My thought is to use a standard dimension sink, with the extra area being multi-purpose (trays, or whatever other tasks need the space). If I put in a long sink that fills the entire area, it can only be effectively used as a sink.

    Does anyone have input on what I am missing out on by not putting in a 4 foot long "darkroom" sink? Thanks.

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    I don't think you can have too much sink. I put an L shaped sink to get more.

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    Think carefully about the maximum size prints you will be making. The needed trays will be much bigger than the print size ad you will want counter or shallow sink space for those. If you are using a continuous shallow sink at four feet wide, you will barely have room for three 11x14 trays with just a bit of sink left over. A standard counter top with a sink well would likely not leave enough room for even 8x10 trays.
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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    Check locally for a stainless steel sink from a School remodel or other places that sell used plumbing/remodel items. I was able to locate one which was about 7 feet long with a large sink, counter tops space and storage space below. It only cost less than $100.

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    Restaurant supply places have various useful things for darkrooms but I'll be buried in my Rosy Products custom sink

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    Custom - make it yourself with plywood and West Systems Epoxy. Make it as large as can possibly fit into your space.
    It is not difficult and will last your lifetime. If you buy a pre-made, even a custom one, you wil be unhappy about it sometime in the future.
    West Systems Epoxy is available at marine suppliers, or on the web.

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    I made mine with 1/2" plywood and Moorlastic coating. It's like 6 feet long by 20 inches wide and 6 inches deep at the front with a backsplash. It has worked great so far, but build well or use 3/4" for a stiffer sink, and if you can afford it, I hear the west system epoxy is better.
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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    Check out Rosy Products. He makes great stuff at a good price. I have a small sink from him which I sue as a second sink for print/film washing. If I were doing it over again, I would buy from him.

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

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    Re: Sink - standard or custom?

    Quote Originally Posted by ROL View Post

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