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Thread: My first semi nudes.....

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Cole View Post
    I think the tattoos make these. They would be totally different photos without them. I like the way they almost make her look clothed, until one looks more closely.

    I also like the shoes, as they do appear a bit out of place in a way that works artistically, and the urban graffiti. I think I would agree about the seamed stockings going a further step in the same direction, but can't be sure. It'd be worth a try.

    Not sure about darker shorts but it's also an idea worth a try.

    I had to show these to my girlfriend who has a fair number of tattoos (nowhere near that many or that large an area though) and often admires urban graffiti if it's artistic, which I don't find this to be. If I had one suggestion for doing more of these it would actually be "find better, more artistic graffiti."

    I like the plants encroaching on the left of the frame in the last one and the right in the first one. It adds an element of the wild reclaiming formerly humanized but now abandoned space.

    Is the atl in your forum handle derived from Atlanta? That does look like some areas around here.
    This has been great feedback. The entire shoot was almsot an afterthought. we had discussed it then sort of forgot about it. At 6:30am we decided to go for it with just about that much planning.

    The shorts are an issue "unless" the goal was to work the shorts against the sexy shoes...that was not the plan and it did not work by accident

    I am 100% OK with the seamed stockings

    We are in Atl. The shoot was at the train yard off of Glenwood in East Atlanta.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....


    Good to see you getting some mileage on that Deardorff. What about something like this crop? With something other than the shorts.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    I like that....

    of course I am NEVER close enough! Maybe a 500mm lens for me

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    Quote Originally Posted by atlcruiser View Post
    John you are tough!

    I have no plans to be any sort of nude photographer! The honest truth is that my GF has modeled in the past and has been on my ass for never taking any pictures of her or even working on portraits.

    I assigned myself the task of trying to take some portraits and trying to learn from the process...the goal is to learn and to try to intergrate portraits into my overall style; what there is of it

    I can agree with you that in a very traditional setting the tats might distract but the tats, in this case, are the core of the photo and the goal was to work the tats against the grafitti.

    How is the Linhof treating you?
    not tough....DRUNK is the word
    got overserved by a bartendrix last nite
    with tats......

    har har har

    do what you want--but don't put anything into what people say--I'm just saying that you shouldn't waste your skills to get laid---unless you WANT to do's something you should do for you and not on compulsion by anyothers.

    and particularly for any positive feedback...then you start working "for them" and you'll end up hating your work and resenting everything....oh well...that's just me maybe.

    just like posting....I never post images....cause I figure--what's the point...also I don't want pics of me or ppl I know being "out there" for many reasons.....

    linhof kicks ass...just got the 65 mounted on it--just got the board...that 90 I think I like better---it did clean up nice...and 67mm filters!!!! hey that's my size!

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    She needs tighter, more complimentary shorts, like cut-offs or boy shorts.

    You need to stand closer and put her light skin against the darker portions of the background... and I agree, the graffiti is low quality yet it competes with the intricacies of her ink. If you want a complex background, try nature, like a bush with small leaves, or something with a consistent pattern.

    You might as well as admit to Johnielvis that you have sex with your model, he may be shocked to learn that it was your intention all along. Just be grateful you're not in the Mideast or he might rally up a gang to stone you to death.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    again...people misunderstand

    Ihave NO problem with nudes or even pr0n

    Ihave a problem with guys trying to justify CAN do things with NO justification and it's's OK to shoot nudes because you are a horny guy--you need no excuse of "form" or "composition" or any other crap.

    just post withOUT the excuse and I'm fine.....put the technical stuff up, but the artistic bs really needs to be put away.....I see that and it's like any other excuse---it's the excuse that's the abomination here in my view. got 2 MORE cents now

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    oh then we agree, I said that in the other thread too.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    In my opinion you have a bit too much background and the shorts seem out of place with everything. Being a big fan of both tattoos and graffiti I really like seeing the two together but I don't think the graffiti needs to be in sharp focus because it does compete a bit especially in the top image. In the third image you can see the line of the underwear under the shorts and they seem to accentuate the lines in the tattoo where the shorts only block the lines of the tattoo, I think just loosing the shorts in that one would make a world of difference. I have seen dresses tailored to show off back pieces. I think that a long flowing halter style dress showing the entire tattoo and a tighter crop with a bit more selective focus would be amazing.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    I like the second one because it's sort of 2-dimensional flat perspective and the lack of perspective makes you focus on the shape of the lines of the car in relation to the shape she is making.

    The first and third, I didn't see any benefit of the use of perspective. Some have suggested thinner DOF might make use of the 3-d perspective. You're probably distracted by the beauty to think about how it's going to look in 2-d, which is understandable.

    For a 3-d use and to make use of different depths of field, are there any places where this is a big long row of cars where should could stand beside one, and you could also look down a row of cars on the track toward a vanishing point? (which could be out of focus)

    Any places she could lay down (or sit back too) and show off the back might be a good play of curves versus industrial lines. I'd think getting closer would be beneficial in this as others have suggested.

    As for clothing, the hiking shorts aren't ideal as has been mentioned. I'd consider a light pleated skirt if you're going back to the trains with lots of vertical lines; they might go together and wouldn't be so likely to show off the underwear. Some dark tights would work too, but might be a cop-out way of avoiding making use of that part of the body in the photo. Do both for her perhaps. A bigger piece of clothing that might be interesting is overalls (like a train engineer might have), unbuckled, hauled down, and riding real low. The versatility of overalls might allow you to do some side or front bust shots too and provide some modesty if she's careful.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    Frank vs johnelvis in a cage match!

    I hope I wa snot misunderstood...I am not trying to go for beauty or to how show the female form or any of that very valid crap...I enjoy takng pictures and i have a big hold in my knowledge when it comes to portraits. This is a way to start to fill the hole

    And yes; I have sex with my model. I am sort of like a yeti in heat...I dwarf her!

    I think we all agree on the shorts. Funny enough, the overalls were an option we decided against; might change that.

    Some very good critique here. Thanks to all of you; I have learned much.

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