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Thread: My first semi nudes.....

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    My first semi nudes.....

    Until reciently I have never really been into taking pictures of people; no idea why.

    I tried a few portraits early in the week and this AM we went out and took 6 exposures right after dawn.

    I am neither happy nor unhappy with them... I would like some opinion and critique

    deardorff 810
    360 commercial
    arista 400@200
    rodinal 1:50 16min jobo

    0711 bw 810018.jpg by urbanlandcruiser, on Flickr

    0711 bw 810020.jpg by urbanlandcruiser, on Flickr

    0711 bw 810022.jpg by urbanlandcruiser, on Flickr

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    I like the combination of urban graffitti background and "human graffitti".
    Real cameras are measured in inches...
    Not pixels.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    Cool! I agree with dsphotog.

    She's got more tats than Frank's models!

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    thanks....she will soon be one of Frank's models

    in the first frame both her back and the back of the car are in focus. I shot this at f16. Looking now I think it would be stronger if I used a larger f stop and kept the focus more on her back and left the car to blur. Not sure.....

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    I think they're effective, esp. the third, but reckon shallower depth of field, maybe longer lens, to concentrate more on her tattoo and figure would be good too.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    She should have been in panties... They show through anyway.

    With Frank, she will wear nothing, except maybe her shoes

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    I also agree with dsphotog. This is the beginning of what could be a significant and extensive series. Don't stop now. Don't blur the cars. They work too well with the model.

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    she is none too happy with the panty lines......

    I thought the tattoos had a bunch of texture as do the railcars. I am still concerned one might overshadow the other but thanks for the nice words....

    BTW: the model is my GF and soon to be fiancee Lori

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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    Never done it so consider that whilst reading.

    I would like your fiance to dominate the frame and have the OOF areas be primarily be the general shapes of the graffiti rather than sharp.

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    Michael E. Gordon
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    Re: My first semi nudes.....

    You said it first: not bad, not great either.

    *Those* shorts are distracting and unattractive, IMO. That looks like really great body art and I'd like to see more of it/her and less of the surroundings.

    I could care less about categorization, but how are these semi-nude?

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