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Thread: Technikardan Bellows Design

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    Technikardan Bellows Design

    I was wondering if there is any practical reason for the double taper of the Tec hnikardan bellows other than possibly to prevent bellows sag? Would it be possib le to use a straight taper bellows from the front standard to the rear? Curiosit y got the best of me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Technikardan Bellows Design

    i think it is shape like this to reduce flare...

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    Technikardan Bellows Design

    Nope. It allows the front and back standards to get closer together to fold the camera.

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    Technikardan Bellows Design

    Which has the additional benefit of being able to focus REALLY short lenses with the standard bellows. Of course, if you want to use much in the way of movemen ts with wide angle lenses, you'll still need the bag bellows.


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