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Thread: I forgot to introduce myself

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    Going to the Betterlight conference was truly a great inspiration, for me. When Peter Grote takes 2 months to go up to the Himalayas with an Arca Swiss and Apo Sironar lenses (including the longest of them) to photograph mountains with the Betterlight then non of us has a good enough excuse not to go. Check out the conference bits and tips.

    Dark Noise will become problematic with high temperatures. I painted a spare can [-the enclosure around the Betterlight insert-] a light tan colour. It helps both with being a lot grippier and it does not absorb as much heat from the sun. Ask Michael Collette what the maximum operating temp is before you damage your gear.

    My problem is the exact opposite. Drizzle and fog like, overcast conditions and lots of wind. That is why I have migrated to the pano adapter and faster medium format lenses which do give me an edge...

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself


    The conference has always been scheduled on dates that I have had other obligations. I wish they scheduled a year out so I can pencil it in!

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself


    The Betterlight is ideal for old lenses.. most of which come without shutters. It allows an instant preview of the effect , and can be modified on the spot (sort of like a very expensive Polaroid). I bought mine in 2001, and geared up with the sharpest lenses I could find. As of late, the sharpness has taken a back burner to the aesthetic I get with the old glass.

    this is a full size image (beware) of some old glass

    some other samples (just what i happen to have online)

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    Mike Collette 4 thumbs UP

    Old Glass Eh!

    Let Me See

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