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Thread: I forgot to introduce myself

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    I forgot to introduce myself

    Hey folks,
    I am not new to LF or the group but I am new to introductions...
    I worked in a University as a Photographer in an Engineering College since 1976, then my own LF business processing images from 1980 to the present; so I have processed my share of fiber...shot my share of sheet film...

    Now I am exclusively LF Digital with a Betterlight Scan Back...

    Working with a Pano Scanning camera that I put together using bits and pieces...
    Here is an image of the camera that I put together...2 lb 10oz with the lens (excluding the pano-adapter) 1st image

    And another tele pan lens. a Nikkor 600mm

    And a pan taken with the G 4X5 using a fast medium format lens.

    Back to the drawing board

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    Welcome, Grant! Always good to have company on board.

    Quite a setup you've put together, and enjoyed the image- look forward to seeing more of them.


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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    I'm another Betterlight user (Ebony 4x5, Pano adapter.. mostly been shooting real old glass as of late)

    I'm in Santa Cruz.. so if you're ever in this area, would be fun shooting


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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    I was in San Carlos for the Betterlight conference a month ago.
    We will see if there is another next year.

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    Interesting camera, that! Welcome to group therapy!

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    Welcome Grant!

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum.

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    So Jim,
    What is all the interest in real old glass? I have pretty much stopped shooting film. My many processors and enlargers are all in storage. So how is the old glass on a betterlight?

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself

    Welcome. Hope the 'betterlight's' get in my price comfort zone some day Mr. Collum has me convinced.
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot, 1949

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    Re: I forgot to introduce myself


    You convinced me I need to dust off the BetterLight and begin playing with it on a weekly basis. I think in the past two years I have shot 6 images with it!

    Trouble is down here in Texas when there is no wind it is about 117 degrees!

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