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Thread: Multiple exposures on carpet?

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    When photographing interiors, the tripod legs are often resting on plush carpet, making the camera slightly less steady than normal. Is it safe to do multiple exposures (to increase the flash power) under such conditions? I'm assuming a standard Copal shutter.

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    Stewart, you can shoot it that way, I would probably add a few more sheets of film to be on the safe side though. In situations like this, I usually place something under my tripod legs for them to rest on, like 12"x12" pieces of Foamcore [use gaffer's tape to secure them to each leg, one large piece would be better, but could be a problem getting it to the location. Any hard, flat object will do [Ive used old books in a pinch] you want to create a broader surface for better weight dispersion. Bogan makes snow & sand foot adapters for just such a reason, and Id probably get them if this will be a recurring problem for you. Good luck!

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    I would also add mass. Either hanging from the center column or around the foot of each leg. A Type 55 polaroid should tell the vibration/ movement tale.

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    I also try to position everything I'll need to touch within arms length and plant my feet for the entire exposure.

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    Does your tripod have retractible spikes?? I've used these on carpet before with no damage to the carpet

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    When I'm doing multiple flash pops, I set the shutter on time or bulb, don't move my feet or body at all, and pop the flash from another source -- my meter, or a plug in sync fire button.

    This has been reliable even on carpet. I've had problems when re-cocking the shutter. Naturally, your ambient light levels have to be low for this technique.

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    Multiple exposures on carpet?

    You also can hang a weight from the inside center of your tripod. A water weight works very well for location shooting. Also..I'm in the process of having Steve Grimes change all my Copal 0 shutters over to Copal "Press" shutters. These stay cocked..therefore no vibration..and are less expensive than the Sinar shutter (which does the same thing..Contact Steve at

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