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Thread: Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    Over the last year, I've become very spoiled having Ivey Seright (in Seattle) a few blocks from my home.

    Now, I'm living in Cambridge, MA, and I would like to find an excellent lab pref erably in Cambridge. If there's nothing in Cambridge, the general Boston area w ould also work.

    I shoot 35mm and 4x5, B&W and E-6.

    Thanks, Nathaniel

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    Forget about Cambridge you ccould try "Spectrum" in Boston but the best E-6/C-41 processing I've found is at "Color Services" at 120 Hampton Ave. Needham 781-444-5101. They do charge premium prices but the service is top notch, they do offer a drop off /pick up service.


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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    Just to add to my question: I just dropped some film off at Boston Photo and was a tad underimpressed. I'm really looking for a place that has sorting tables and lightboxes and isn't just a hole in the wall.

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    I use Zona and have been very pleased thus far ( 1.5 years ). They are a pro lab in Cambridge and they charge for their services at a reasonable rate. Phone# 617 864 8747.

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    Ah, Zona yes be sure you do not shoot nudes they reported a local photographer to the police several years ago for sending in fine art nudes they though were offensive.

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    I have tried all the labs and have always gone back to Dorian Color Lab in Arlington. Over the years they have been the most consistent and now they are a "Commercial" lab. I trust no one but them! Cheers, Scott

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    Panopticon on Moody Street in Waltham is excellent for B&W. They also frame photos for a very reasonable price. And while you are there, you get to see the photographs of Bradford Washburn, the great aerial LF photographer of mountains.

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    Boston (Cambridge) Labs?

    Try short stop digital imaging center in beverly on the north shore. they provide excellent customer service, print digital and optical. E-6 done in-house in an hour. Competitive prices and quick turn around for 35mm, medium format and digital.

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