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Thread: KEH quality

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    Re: KEH quality

    If you order a lens and the order is accepted, when they go to pick it off the shelf and that level quality is not available, they will then pick one from the next higher quality rather than inconvenience the customer.
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    Re: KEH quality

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirius Glass View Post
    If you order a lens and the order is accepted, when they go to pick it off the shelf and that level quality is not available, they will then pick one from the next higher quality rather than inconvenience the customer.
    I had a similar experience recently - except that they offered a lower grade lens at a lower price. I accepted the offer, but they charged me for both lenses, the one I received and the non-existent one. I complained, so they reversed both charges and then re-charged me for the non-existent more expensive lens.

    They would not believe that I was telling the truth and asked for my credit card statement. I sent it to them, reluctantly. They have just ignored me after that, so I am now waiting for the credit card company to resolve the issue. Frustratingly bad customer service, especially as they caused the problem to begin with. I don't mind them having made a mistake, but they really should make an effort to resolve it.


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    Re: KEH quality

    I purchased an 80mm planar CF for my Hasselblad and they sent a C T* old design. The CF was pictured but the wrong lens sent. They paid return shipping and refunded r
    The money. I re ordered the 80 CF in EX condition but when it arrived the focusing was broken completely through in three placed. Again money refunded and return shipping provided. At this point I gave up on the 80 and kept my old C T*. I then ordered a 50 Distagon CF FLE in EX condition which arrived and was in near new condition. I then ordered a 40 Distagon CF FLE in EX condition but the focusing helix was ver wobbly. I contacted keh and the offered return shipping with either a full refund or a repair at no cost. I opted for the repair and shipped it back. I had the lens back in my hands working perfectly in about a week.

    Ive been a customer of KEH since their early days. I've never had a problem other than these two items which I woul say was no real problem and things were resolved very quickly.

    I've bought from B&H used gear too and Calumet. Both have sent clunkers but no more frequently than KEH. One item I purchased from B&H was a 180 Sonnar CF in 8+ condition. The cosmetics were more like a7 and it had been dropped and the barrel was so out of round that you coul hardly get a lens cap on. Putting the cap on shaved plastic from the cap. Of course they made good on the return.

    None of the companies are perfect but I think it's worth the chance to search out bargains given their excellent warranty and return policies.
    KEH seems to be missing important details lately but they've always made good on them.

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    Re: KEH quality

    To the OP, If you call them for a return, they issue you a fedex return #, and you pack it up and ship it back free. I've always done just fine by them. They sell *used* stuff. If the condition isn't what you expected, then just send it back. No two used examples of an item are exactly the same, there's a range, and if it's not good just return it and they'll be happy to refund you. No need to get bent out of shape about it. Film cameras seem to be making a bit of a resurgence, so the stock is just a bit more picked over, IMO.

    I'm sorry to hear Helen's experience however; hope it works itself out.

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    Re: KEH quality

    I'm not really 'bent out of shape' nor am I looking for sympathy. I just wanted others' experiences before I discount them as a source. I've had to return parts of my last two orders and would rather be out shooting. I still feel they are a good place to find things and will likely buy again from them. I brought this up because if I wanted to take chances and wait on returns, I would go to an auction. I used to feel that they were absolutly solid and reliable, but not any more. As far as return shipping, I have not been offered a fedex return # for free in the past. The back of the invoice says to return the package prepaid. I will contact them and if they pay the return shipping, I will have no issue. I'm glad most are happy with their purchases and maybe some are content to let go of hard earned money AND time without their expectations being filled, but I am not.
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    Re: KEH quality

    Everything I've bought from them has been as described or better. So far that was a Pentax LX, 50mm f/1.7 Pentax lens, a few filters, and a spot meter. On one of the filters *I* made a mistake and ordered the wrong size - I was ordering from memory for a lens I hadn't used since 1998 (just as I got back into photography this time) and foolishly didn't check it. I'd have sworn it took a 72mm filter but it's a 67. I paid the return shipping, wouldn't have asked otherwise for my error, and they took it back no problems. They didn't have the same filter in 67 so I ordered a different one right away and they just refunded.

    The LX was supposedly in EX shape. It was at least that. The leather started coming loose a few months later but was fine then. I glued it back down of course. The camera still looks almost new and works like new.

    The only thing *I* find frustrating about KEH is the fact that they are just over on the other side of Atlanta from me, but they want a $5 "pick up charge" I think they called it if I drive over and get my item. I could drive over and get it cheaper than they will ship it, but by the time I pay the pick up charge AND gas to get over there and back, it's cheaper to just FedEx it across town.

    Of course I also have to pay sales tax, but that's not their fault.

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    Re: KEH quality

    I've been buying from KEH since I bought my first medium format camera (a Mamiya C220) back in 1997 when I was 15. They've been my primary source when buying new equipment ever since. They've always had great service, in my experience, and the two times I've had a problem with something I purchased from them (once with a Mamiya RB67 lens, once with a Leica M3), they did an exceptional job of resolving the problem, to my satisfaction and with very favorable speed and positive attitude. Not everyone is going to be equally satisfied. Sometimes mistakes are made and people do occasionally get screwed. As a whole, though, I do believe in KEH and remain a loyal customer. They do a great job and, despite the occasional problem, do seem to have the desire to do right by the customer.
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    Re: KEH quality

    I've been buying from them since 1981 or so when I got my Hass SWC. I have never had an issue with anything they have sent me, it's always been better than I expected.

    OTOH, they are a big company which makes them an exciting target for scammers who try to play their customer policy. So regular customers must occasionally get caught up in their procedures designed to foil the bad guys even if those customers are 100% innocent. They're never going to tell you that your problem was caused by some arcane internal security issue as they don't want that info out there. Sometimes, it just "happens".


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    Re: KEH quality

    Buying from KEH since about 1983, I've never had a problem.
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    Re: KEH quality

    i've been buying things from keh since the early/mid 1990s.
    i never buy anything but items listed in "bargain" condition.
    the last thing i bought was a few years ago, and it arrived in 2 days
    unused, new and in the original box (with the original plastic wrapping on the box).

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