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Thread: Monolights

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    My Paul Buff monolights have failed me again for the third time so it is time to replace them.
    Any suggestions as to what is good and reliable these days?

    I would appreciate brands and comments of personal use.

    Thanks Luis

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    Re: Monolights

    I have Photogenic monolights, and I've been very happy with them. I've also heard good things about Calumet Travelers, which I think are re-branded Bowens.
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    Re: Monolights


    Which models are you using? How are they "failing"? Is it possibly a technique issue?

    I've got four Ultras that have served me well for way over twenty years with only three or four total repairs in all that time. Everyone that I know personally (several) who uses them are equally pleased. That includes Ultras, the X series, Ultra Zaps and even the very first tin cans.
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    Re: Monolights

    i have the profoto ones and they are an absolute pleasure. stepless power, super fast recharge, small and solid build.
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    Re: Monolights

    Like my Calumet Travelers...of course I also have an Elite set so all the accessories swap..but built solid and has never failed me

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    Re: Monolights

    Whatever you can have repaired near where you live might be worth considering. I'm surprised you're having so much trouble with the White Lightnings.

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    Re: Monolights

    Bowens Gemini aren't bad. Barely used mine since i bought them nearly 2 years ago though...

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    Re: Monolights

    Profoto "black sausages" i.e. monolights.


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    Re: Monolights

    Buy whatever lights are the most popular in your region. Then you can share-buy-borrow-rent-steal from other photographers.

    If I was a redneck American hillbilly I'd buy those garishly-colored plastic Paul C. Buff lights too. But you're a sophisticated European gentleman, you must have ProFotos or some esoteric, very expensive brand ;-)

    Round here, Dynalites rule -- robust, lightweight, middle-value workhorses made in New Jersey. Speedotrons are from Chicago - not lightweight but very solid, everyone had them throughout the MidWest. Out in California photographers used a lot of Normans, because they were made there. Dangerous like a fault zone ;-p

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    Re: Monolights

    I vote for Protofoto lights. Reliable, durable, intelligently-designed, great accessories, and the best speedring-mounting system on any lighting system I've used (and as a freelance assistant I've used them all).
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