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Thread: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicexplosion View Post
    film is nature [...]
    So is BS. 100%.

    Ilford films must grow on different trees than Kodak ones, or do they both just grow out of the ground?

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Kelsey View Post
    Can you tell, is this film or digital ?
    No, but regardless of which it is I sure like it.
    Brian Ellis
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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    I see it on my computer screen, therefore it's digital. Just like every other photo shown on the Internet.

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    Quote Originally Posted by akfreak View Post
    What do you think the Old masters would be using if they were alive today? Do you think Ansel would be close minded to digital photography and continue to shoot his ULF. I bet he would embrace it and find beauty in it. Photography isn't about what you use to create. Photography is what is created. How to being what is in your mind to life and share it.

    If there was a huge 8"x10" digital sensor that can capture light that is reflected in the same way film does I am 10000% sure Ansel would not only embrace it, he would be working to advance it. Imagine this camera an 8A with 11x14" sensor that could capture images like a 5D MKII. Same movements but Huge Sensor.

    Tons of LF photogs shoot and scan, how can they be gratified, they are cheating right. Dont they have to battle dust, and use only chemicals and special hand made tools to manipulate light to render a print. One need be an expert in every aspect of analog photography to be gratified. Ansel , IM) the most well known expert at Using a LF camera, creating a negative, and creating a print. Truly a master would you think?

    I bet you he would be thrilled at that digital can do. There are some amazing Digital Medium format camera's that will do things not possible with analog photography.

    Digital is wonderful because it is Instant gratification, and cost the least amount of money when you are trying to master the basics of photograpy. Think of the tens of thousands of dollars Ansel spent on ruined film, ruined paper, all the missed shots he could of had if he could of set up faster.

    I love all media creation. If it involves me getting to be creative, I am thrilled. Film is slow, tedious, expensive, and I love it to death. I want to shoot everything on film. reality is I cannot. I cant haul a huge 8x10 or a 4x5 for that matter to a casino and set the sticks up and start making some street photography portfolio shots. Securtiy would be all over me in 2 seconds.

    I can use my35mm but why, why shoot that when I have a little pocket camera a G12. Heck even the Iphone is a wonderful and gratifying device. I love looking at peoples ports done just with an Iphone, Chase Jarvis is a great commercial photographer. He has a daily library of images he as taken with his Iphone, There is some creative stuff. The name of the game is to Create and you will be gratified if not then you need to do something else Life is too short.!

    If you are a analog purist, that is great. I use what ever I can get my hands on. I try to have fun doing it. Hell I was playing with my 3 year old kid 1.3 megapixel fisher price digital camera we had a blast. She is 3 and I catch her sometimes taking pictures with my 7D. She can turn it on and put it to her eye and press the shutter. If it is IN AV mode she does fine most of the time. The smile she gets when she gets to use my 7D is priceless. Yes Digital is Gratifying, maybe not to a close minded Old fart, J/K dont take that too serious. Just have fun and make pictures if a #year old little girl can do it (have fun), and if I can do it, I think anyone ca do it!

    I am so careful with my film, It is for special occasions when I know I have a few days to devote to it. It's not like do anything half way. When I take the shot I have to see the negs, when I see the negs, I have to see a print. If the print sucks, I have to shoot it over, this is money and time. I wish I had all day every day to devote to getting better at large format film photography. Simple fact is I dont.

    I have to balance everything in my life and digital lets me fit it (photography) in with the least amount of friction in my life. But I sure do love silver prints! So I selfishly sacrifice some times. Lastly I cant remember the last time I went somewhere I didn't have a camera in arms reach. I am not talking about an Iphone either. A digital device that will capture raw files. I just love the tiny G12 but it is a pacifier until I get to play with my big toys and lots of flashing lights or chemicals that smell bad.

    Learn to be flexible and you will find gratification! Sorry for the poorly written novel. I just feel strongly about photography in all forms from wetplate to a Holga, a fisher price to a 5dmk II to an Alpa to a 20x24 mega monster, they are all wonderful. The worst day I had making pictures was better than the best day I had without a camera in my hand!
    Very well said!!! Now how do we get a FF sensor into a compact like the G12? I'd love something FF that fits into a compact enough body, one lens made by Zeiss or Leica, F1.4-2.8, 16mm-100mm equivalent of 35mm. Then again, I think that would be defying some physics

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Kelsey View Post
    Can you tell, is this film or digital ?
    Made with a computer? It doesn't look anything like film, but I know the debate about on screen images will always end with=one cannot judge a photo by how it looks on a computer screen, though some say their on screen image looks similar to how it looks when printed, so by those that say that, it is very apparent what they used to make the online photo.

    I agree with Brian that it does look neat and would be a cool screensaver. Looks very futuristic IMHO.

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    Your post and question is a bit awkwardly presented. But getting to the essence of what photographer's do from a future perspective...

    I would welcome a camera of any type that after setting such up could record a scene faithfully with good exposure, deep depth of field, without increasing contrast even with contrasty subjects, such that the result (with an immediate checkable result better) requiring little post processing other than cropping. So from that perspective, having to do less to achieve the end result would be more satisfying a process not only because it would be more efficient, taking less time and effort, but because the moment of capture after composing the frame for a subject better connects the photographer to the end visual result.

    In other words put most of the artistry and skill at the point of composition and framing and not in a computer visual editing program where a common strategy is not a vision at all but rather a gradual multi-step manipulation of evaluating how pleasing each step of a result appears. And likewise if I wished to capture an image with some unnatural style, say with increased saturation, limited DOF, or different hues etc, that I could also setup in the camera with a resulting capture that was near the end vision.

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    Making images is always gratifying, different gratifications depending on what the image is being made for. Commercial? Yes. Film? Of course. Digital? Absolutely. Personal? Personal has highest satisfaction in my universe and that is 98% film in VCs.

    at age 67
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    And miles to go before I sleep"

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    Re: Is there any gratification in using the digital camera for convenience?

    If I had a large budget I'd be shooting with a P65 and printing with a serious digital inkjet. However, I'm an emerging artist and spreading my costs out over time like I can with film photography suits me. I came to 4x5 film because I wanted to make large prints (16x20 and larger) and I didn't have a large budget to get started on it. A 16x20 silver print costs less than $1 worth of chemicals and $6 worth of paper and the entire darkroom was had for less than a 24" inkjet. 4x5 cameras and enlargers are being sold at great prices lately and emerging artists like myself have a great opportunity to enter a field of art that would have previously been inaccessible 10-15 years ago at the current price point.

    I'm selling a print per month right now which is covering my supplies. My ship would have been sunk 6 months ago if I had entered the art market on a digital work flow. Even if I had the equipment to create great work I need time to develop my skills, build a voice and find a context in the art community. If things get better I might look into a half decent scanner and a printer. Who knows, down the road I might even be using something such as a P65 on a monorail. I don't worry too much about digital vs film, I instead worry about the results and how I get them. Right now film is giving me the results I desire at the price I can afford.

    Is digital more convenient than film? Maybe in how some peoples' brains work as they move through the workflow but there are other aspects of "convenience" such as "can I afford it?" that factor into my use of film.

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