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Thread: My Century 10A Restoration

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    Re: My Century 10A Restoration

    Can anyone give me the dimensions of the bellows on a Century Studio 10a? I would like to order a bellows but the one on mine does not seem original and I'm not sure if it is the right size.

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    Re: My Century 10A Restoration

    Quote Originally Posted by akfreak View Post

    That little latch at the top and bottom look like some sort of holder for a plate of some sort. If anyone can tell me what that is designed to hold I would appreciate it.
    Those latches held in various blockout plates for making 2 images side-by-side with a sliding back.
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    Re: My Century 10A Restoration

    First of all, I have requested that one of the many helpful mods move this thread over to the DIY section which came after this thread started!

    These camera were in use during many generations of photographers/photography and the fashion for studio portraits changed, as did the quality of dry plates and film. Small town studios were probably not that wealthy and perhaps used ad hoc solutions rather than conversion sets available from Eastman Kodak.

    I have a number of "home-made" conversion backs all of which are well-made and work as they should.

    I enclose photos of a back that would probably would fit yours - showing the the latching on mechanism. This is done by putting a hand through the 5x7" hole.

    Thanks for doing the move dear Mod!
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