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Thread: Large format rental in Detroit Area

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    Large format rental in Detroit Area

    I'm looking for a source for rental of large format equipment in the Detroit, Mi chigan area. The only place I've found in various searches is Studio Center Phot o in Ann Arbor, but their web site is gone and phone disconnected, so I don't kn ow if they're still in business. I appreciate any help you can give.

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    Large format rental in Detroit Area

    I'm in Ann Arbor, and can tell you that Studio Center has indeed closed under its prior management, and become Dave's Photo Emporium (tel: 734/827-0080), but it is now primarily a venue for used equipment. I just checked with them and they still have Hasselblad equipment to rent, but nothing in large format. There is also no large format rental at Adray, one of the largest photographic equipment stores in the Detroit area (tel: 248/689-9500), and they aren't aware of anyone else to turn to in Michigan. Perhaps Helix in Chicago, or Lens & Repro in New York?

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