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Thread: What laws do you break to get the shots you want?

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    Re: What laws do you break to get the shots you want?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay DeFehr View Post
    I've trespassed.... a lot, and ignored public nudity laws....a lot.
    It took me a few moments to interpret that to mean photographing nude models, and not ignorning public nudity laws as the photographer - still not certain you didn't mean that. (Is it still nudity if you have the darkcloth over your head?)

    I'm pretty law-abiding all around. It's possible I've ended up somewhere I shouldn't have been, though really if I know I shouldn't be there I move on. I don't willfully trespass. I mostly shoot in public spaces and play by the rules.
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    Re: What laws do you break to get the shots you want?

    In many places "public nudity" laws are actually against indecent exposure which could require the likelihood of offending or frightening the general public to meet the law's definition.

    In many places so long as you have a reasonable expectation of privacy you're fine. IIRC National Forests are like this, and its not at all unusual for hikers to shower in the boonies with a dromedary bag, etc, and no shower curtain.

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    Re: What laws do you break to get the shots you want?

    Laws You Mean There Are Laws Against Us ......... Never

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    Re: What laws do you break to get the shots you want?

    Illegal parking, trespassing, public nudity (of a model), fire building. I was doing this shot once with my 4x5 of a scene with 10 people with like 7 strobes going off in my back yard of Christ's crucifixion. I made a life-size cross with a friend up on it, and the next door neighbor called the police on me. Not sure if that is breaking the law or not but made for an interesting story for crit that week.

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