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Thread: Aircraft

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    Re: Aircraft

    XB-70, what a cool plane! amazing that you got to work on it Jerry. It was a real tragedy about the crash. someday I hope to see the surviving one at WP.

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    Re: Aircraft

    Ed, this plane was THE MOST exciting time of my entire career. If you do make it to the Air Force Museum to see it, you should be aware that the plane was moved to the new 4th building a couple of yrs ago. My assignment in the structural part of the design was the crew compartment and ejection system as well as the electronics bay just aft of the cockpit. Here's an interactive video of the cockpit from the pilot's position, particularly enjoyable to anyone who's really into buttons/gauges/instruments.

    If you know what/where to look, you can make out the INNER windshield that is subjected to 11 psi cabin pressure (tested to 22 psi) as well as the OUTER windshield (subjected to aero pressure only) that is movable from landing/takeoff position (for better visibility) to streamlined position for high speed flight. Googling "xb-70" will bring up a flood of info on this plane. Good video of plane in flight:

    One of my friends is acquainted with a retired Air Force pilot who said he never would have retired so soon if he could've flown that plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sampson View Post
    I agree with Fr. Mark; the DC-3 is certainly the greatest airplane ever to fly. And that's fine photograph of an unusually clean radial engine, too.
    A great plane, indeed. I remember seeing them fly commercially out of Lambert Field in St Louis as a child, and years later seeing an AC-47 aka Puff The Magic Dragon doing its thing one evening just outside the airbase in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I did fly once in an Air America C-46, but never did get to fly in a DC-3 or C-47.

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    Re: Aircraft

    Kodak Bullet of 1896 Vintage Airplanes Small by rrunnertexas, on Flickr

    Kodak Bullet no 4, 1896 model.

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