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Thread: Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    Hello all,

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my last question regarding my new 8x10 camer a... As I begin to consider which tripod to get for this camera, I wanted to get some ideas as to what some of you are using. Currently, I have a Bogen/Manfrott o 3001, which is fine for my Rollei TLR but the legs seem a bit flimsy with the 8x10 mounted on it. On the other hand, I really don't want to spend 600 bucks on a Ries - although they are beautiful to look at and have a great reputation. I really won't be doing much hiking so weight isn't really an issue. Any ideas?? T hanks.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??


    My vote is for the Ries as first choice. But a few years back I found a Great and Inexpensive sub. Check out the local Survey and Civil Engineering Sup. house. They will have a good selection of Heavy Tripods. I picked up a SOKKIA on sale last week for $147.50. It is fiberglass and adjusts very nicely and is rated for 25lbs. of survey instrument. I also have Sokkia "Quick Changes" on my survey tools and my 5X7 and 8X10. I keep them in the back of my trucks and when they get dirty I run them through the car wash. I can't do that with my Ries. I also have the old photo plane (A-100 I think), one direction of adjustment. Not as nice as my new one but you can get used to it because the price for a used one is a bit less than the nice new one. I payed 25.00 for the last one I purchased and it is like new. The one before that cost me 55.00 and it was a bit rough. But I still prefer the Ries set-up for the weekends.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    Ok I allways get confused ---- Do you read it BEFORE or AFTER you hit submit!! Just to make it clear, the 5x7 and 8x10 do not go through the car wash with the Tripod. And there is one MAJOR POS. or NEG. depending on how you look at it.. These Tripods are BRIGHT!!! Yellow and Orange! I have never been run over (yet)..

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    How's this?

    I have bought all my gear used and although it took awhile I have what is for me the ideal kit. (Well, o.k. I want a casket set yet). I got a Majestic head on Ebay for $25.00 - it was listed in the "Hand Tools" section. I traded in some odds and ends on a Bogen 3036 and mounted the Majestic head on that and had no worries about my 8 X 10. Then I lucked into a Ries A-100 circa 1953 in a little camera store in south Jersey. They only wanted $175.00 for it. I traded in the Bogen/Majestic combination in a heartbeat. If you shop dilligently, the deals are out there, just be ready to pounce when you see them.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    Forgot to mention - ala' Mr. McDonald I noticed that Mennards, a large Midwestern hardware chain has aluminum surveyors tripods for very good prices. The caveat is you have to devise a way to mount your head on the surveyor size stud.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    If you want to be fairly cheap, big heavy Majestic tripods w/gearheads are prett y common the used-equipment market. The only real drawback is that you wouldn't be doing _any_ hiking with it.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??


    Many people like Ries tripods. There must be a reason. You use one, you will understand the reason(s). It's NOT just because it's pretty! It's because of its quality, function, service, and beauty. Call Keith Soderstorm and you will learn more. I got my Ries J100-2 (mint) for much less than your $600. If you want a cheap good tripod to support your 8x10 Deardorff, call Midwest Photo Exchange, they have a large wooden tripod, including a Gitzo head, for about $350. It's good enough to hold at least 40 lbs. Good luck!

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    Jeez! Those Ries 'pods are priced at more than half what my 5x4 camera gear cost in total.I sometimes think that we photographers get rooked blind. How come a surveyors stand costs far less than a decent photographic tripod? I can't believe that economies of scale come into this one. Worldwide, there must be 20 or 30 serious photographers for every surveyor.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    Thanks everyone, for the ideas... I'm going to do more research on the Ries and perhaps I'll get lucky and find one slightly used. Bogen also makes two that I think would work - the one that Sean mentioned (3036) or the 3046.

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    Tripod for Deardorff 8x10??

    The 3046 is a nice set of sticks, but the angle of the legs cannot be adjusted independently - the spreader is rivited (?) into place and doesn't expand or contract.

    The 3036 (and it's black counter-part) will allow independent adjustment of the leg angle. There is another model, similar to the 3036, can't recall the #, but it has a "quick-release" feature for the legs - you can drop all three at once by applying pressure on a lever. Additionally, the 3046 has two leg sections while the 3036 has three.

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