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Thread: Wilson's photographic magazine?

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    Wilson's photographic magazine?

    I am sure everyone here has heard of Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1917) Digitized by Google. Maybe not, for those that haven't here is a link the Info in Google Books, It is simply amazing. It talks about all sorts of Vintage photography and so far it seems to be free to read thruogh google. I have been reading volume 54 and on Page 535 a section called THE WORKROOM "Doretypes and how to make them", many sections all of great interest another Making A Ground-Glass Screen. Simply amazing to me. Digital has really taken a back seet of late. I wish I had not waited so long to dive into alternative photography.

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    Re: Wilson's photographic magazine?

    I would suggest you set up your personal "Google Books" library. Then go through & search different key words like Portrait lens, Studio Camera, Dallmeyer, Voigtlander,Ross,Zentmeyer,Century,American Optical, Rochester Optical Co, & so on. You will build a large library in a day. I only add "Full view" books & magazines to my library. This weeds out partial or buy to read magazines & book. Setting up your own library makes research much more streamlined & direct.

    I have nearly 900 full view photography mags & books dating back to the 1860's & up to 1940's.

    Here is an example, The British Journal of Photography 1875.

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    Re: Wilson's photographic magazine?

    That is awesome, the information is unbelievable. Thanks for the tip on how to store the information as it seems endless.

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    Re: Wilson's photographic magazine?

    WOW. If only something like this existed back in the '80's when I was researching Carbon Printing.......

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