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Thread: Who Made this Tripod?

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    Who Made this Tripod?

    I found an old tripod and case in an open air "brocant/garage sale" last weekend here. It's not large format capable as about 40cm long and 150cm extended with head. If I'm asking in the wrong forum, please move to Lounge.

    I have seen similar with 3/8" thread mount but this on is a bit fancier as the legs reverse to show 1/4" on one side and 3/8" on the other. I also came with the tilt/swivel adapter with 1/4" screw. Nice leather case, dry but in good shape.

    There aren't any markings on it, I assume it is French though. Photo 3 shows how articulated it can be to get the base level. The 3/8" bolt is visible.

    The little folder is an English Ensign Selfix 620. The camera was a gift from an old English friend now living in the Charente region. It was his childhood camera which I'm entrusted with now. The camera will make a great partner for the tripod. It accepts either 620 or 120 roll film as is. The British plan for everything. It came in a Zeiss Ikon case, fits perfectly so it must be a close copy of a Zeiss model.

    Could this tripod be a very early Gitzo? Age?

    The seller at the garage sale was very apologetic when he mentioned that the case wasn't original for the tripod since the flap couldn't be closed with the tilt/swivel adapter fitted. I bit my tongue when I accepted his price of 5 Euros since it wasn't the "real" thing. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the adapter screwed off and fit under the flap for storage.

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