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Thread: Any LF'ers in Henderson NV

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    Any LF'ers in Henderson NV

    Looking for any prople that make images with a Large format camera in Henderson NV, Las Vegas as well. I live in Henderson looking to find someone I can talk to, that is close to home.

    Driving all over town to the various camera shops has been futile. Mostly it is an excersize in listening to an all knowing GURU and I leave feeling more confused than before I got there.

    I would love a chance to see somone in action with a large vire camera. Thanksd AKf

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    Re: Any LF'ers in Henderson NV

    i am on a plane right now heading to vegas. i touch down at 7pm. i will be in the area for 2 days.

    lets get together. i have my chamonix 4x5 with me. i have no tripod.....could i borrow one?

    check your PM.


    edit: i will be thirsty for beer when i arrive. come on up!

    "ak" freak as in ak47? if so i will buy the ammo....
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