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Thread: 17x25 Paper - Any Suggestions?

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    Re: 17x25 Paper - Any Suggestions?

    Ability to use rolls was one reason I got the 4880. I've noticed that most of the curl seems to be near the ends of the print so maybe cutting the roll a few inches longer would minimize the curl issues in the print area. At the expense of using more paper of course. Just a thought.

    +1 for the Breathing Color papers, by the way.

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    Re: 17x25 Paper - Any Suggestions?

    Breathing Color papers are really cheap, the ratio of cost and quality on their website is promising. Right now i am looking for a quality inkjet paper. just to print a portfolio of black & white work. i have tried Museo silver rag which really impressed me.. i have not tried a lot of papers though..

    inkjet printer ink

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