Hey, guys, brand new to the forum here and hoping I could get some good advice regarding my printing needs (I couldn't really find anything through searching the forum, though I may have been using the wrong key words).

I've been doing research into photo labs around the U.S. that I can get either 11x17 or 12x18 prints of my graphic work done at. I'm pretty clueless about the different types of printers that labs are typically using, though I did see Fuji Frontier and Durst come up a bunch of times. However, I read that the Polielettronica Laserlab has won some awards, and it got me wondering if many labs use it since I didn't really find any that specified that information.

Is the print quality on the Polielettronica really that much better than the competition? Any brands/models that I should stay away from?

I'm really looking to see what my best options are for print quality and pricing.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!