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Thread: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

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    Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    I am going on a trip with my Arca-Swiss 4x5 and need to travel light. I wanted one of my lightweight lenses to do double duty for close ups? Would the 240-A work for this? I could suit up my G-Clarion 305 with an arca board, but it's not exactly light. Thanks,

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    Re: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    I've used my Fujinon-A 240mm lens for close up work with flowers. Not quite 1:1, but maybe 2:1. Works like a charm. Exceedingly sharp. I've also used my 150mm Sironar-S for this duty with similar excellent results. How far you can go depends of course on how much bellows draw you have available.

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    Re: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    It's excellent. Although I've sold mine because it flared badly, I've done exceptional close up shots with it. Better have a lot of bellows though. An Apo-Sironar S in the 135-150mm length (or even 180mm) might be easier, or maybe the 150mm Germinar-W.


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    Re: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    How close? 1:1 will require about 20 inches of bellows with a 240mm lens. If your bellows is that long you're fine. If not you won't be able to do 1:1 but you might still be able to get close enough to suit you.
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    Re: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    If I could only have one lens for 4x5, the 240 A would be it. It's great for close work, portraits, landscapes, whatever. Depending on which Arca Swiss camera you have, you may need an extension rail.

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    Re: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    I use a 240 quite often for close-ups. It gives you a nice working distance especially if you have the bellows length.

    My 240 is a Nikkor rather than a Fuji 240A but...

    I'd suggest you mount the lens on your camera and do some playing around to see if it suits your working style.

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    Re: Fuji 240-A for closeups?

    The 240A is originally some kind of process lens, so it should be at its best in close range. Lots of people claim this lens to be the sharpest lens they own and there is a lot written about it. You can find many posts on this site. I just got my 240A and havn't had time to test it properly yet. But the early samples seems very promising indeed.
    There is more written about this lens on Kerry Thalmanns site on lightweight lenses. Do also check his "Future classics" pages on the same site.


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