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Thread: ...and I'm back

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    ...and I'm back

    After a hiatus from large format from the end of 2007 until now, within the next few weeks I'll be starting to shoot sheet film again, and as such will be returning to the forum here as well. It's been too long, really. I wish I hadn't sold my Linhof back then, but equipment comes and goes so oh well. I've realized that working with a view camera is too thoroughly hard-wired into my concept of photography to ignore it any more. Gotta get back to it! Will return with a simple setup of a 4x5 field camera, 150mm Geronar, and a few holders, and that's enough for now. Small, light, compact - perfect for my life abroad.

    I'm glad to be getting back to LF, as well as to the forum here.
    So apparently my signature was full of dead links after a few years away...

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    Re: ...and I'm back

    Good to see you back!

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    Re: ...and I'm back

    Welcome back to group therapy...we can forgive a little backsliding, but don't let it be a regular thing!

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    Re: ...and I'm back

    Welcome back.


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