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Thread: Advice needed space requirements for Epson 3880

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    Advice needed space requirements for Epson 3880

    In a in the midst of construction of workspace for digital post processing. I will have a 24" desktop, with cabinets built above the desktop. My question: for the Epson 3880, how much clearance is needed? Is 30" sufficient?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Rick Russell

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    Re: Advice needed space requirements for Epson 3880

    Just measured mine, with both the front output tray and the upper paper feed guide opened to full extension. The output tray extends a shade over 17" beyond the front of the printer body. The upper paper feed guide rises about 22" above the surface on which the printer sits, and extends roughly 7" behind the rear of the printer body.

    Epson specifies size with all trays open as 22.8" H x 27.36" W x 37.87" D. Waving my tape measure around, I'd say those are about right except for the depth, where I'd allow two or three more inches.

    In figuring your space, you need to worry about front and rear clearance as well as clearance above the printer. It also depends on what is the largest size print you intend to make - with smaller paper you don't need to extend the output tray or the feed guide as far. If you're going to use large paper, be sure to consider clearance above and behind for placing sheets on the upper guide or feeding through the rear manual feed slot.

    Yes, this thing is quite large when deployed in its full glory.

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    Re: Advice needed space requirements for Epson 3880


    The 3880 is about 27" wide, so I am not sure that will fit on your 24" desktop unless you have unobstructed space to the left/right of that 24". In terms of clearance needed above the printer to allow loading of sheet paper, I have my 3880 in a bookcase with about 28" top-to-bottom spacing between shelves, and am able to load 17"x25" sheets into the rear manual-feed slot. So if you have 30" available it sounds like you will be fine there. It is just slightly awkward to load the 25" long paper in the rear slot in my bookcase; hard to describe, but I have to let the paper flop slightly forward during the initial loading. Very do-able, just a little awkward. Loading smaller (shorter) papers in the read slot is not awkward at all.

    The printer takes up about 20" in depth (front to back). In my bookshelf the rear of the printer is only about 1" from the back of the bookshelf; I think if there were more space at the rear it would require less top-to-bottom room to load the rear slot with large sheets, or conversely make the loading of the long sheets less awkward.

    Hope this helps.


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