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Thread: Camera Kit Weight

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    Camera Kit Weight

    Funnily enough, the large format is the lightest bit...

    Taking some photos tomorrow and decided to try out my new Lowepro Fastpak 200 which I got for a steal - £40 brand new.

    Here's the "full kit"

    5x7 + 3 film holders (6 shots total) - Contessa Nettel modified + 180/6.8 Dagor, Adox CHS100
    6x7 + 3 rolls of film (30 shots total) - Pentax 67ii + 90/2.8, Fuji Pro160s
    35mm + 3 rolls of film (70ish shots) - Leica CL + 40/2, Kodak Colorplus 200

    Light meter - Sekonic L308
    Focusing cloth - Calumet
    Cable release
    Tripod plate - Manfrotto
    Macro tube for 6x7
    Spare batteries for 6x7

    17lb or 7.7kg

    Not sure how much the tripod weighs as well as all that.

    Generally my kit doesn't include the 5x7 stuff, and would have a flash arm and flash instead. Probably 2-3kg lighter on a regular day.

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    Re: Camera Kit Weight

    That's not too bad! I'd find 17lbs very light and easily manageable. I really really love my Tenba Shootout Large and have it packed full. It fluctuates around 48lbs without the 7lb tripod. I just really like having everything available should I want to use it. 4x5, 35mm, D300s.
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    Re: Camera Kit Weight

    My 4x5 Gowland kit which included a 90mm Super Angulon (#00 shutter version saves a bit of weight), 135mm Fujinon-W and 203mm Ektar with full box of Readyloads weighed in at something like 6 lbs. That's including an old aluminum "Hollywood" ball-head tripod I used but broke. Don't think you can go much lighter than that unless you go with a Galvin 2x3 possibly.

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    Re: Camera Kit Weight

    Interesting that you included your wallet. Mine's usually the lightest part of the kit.

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    Re: Camera Kit Weight

    Go with a hand-held Polaroid conversion and a Grafmatic and you can eliminate the tripod and even the bag.

    Use a pinhole rig and eliminate the lens(es).
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