I left my LF tripod home this trip to France hoping to find a solid and cheap one to leave here when I return to the US. I shopped E. Leclerc, Auchan, and the Carrefour super stores and found this nice one at Auchan for Euro 49.50 (abt $60.) Photo shops may have them too but probably pricier.

Solid as a rock, self leveling rubber padded feet, bag hanger, levels on both the tripod base and the quick release head. Nice travelling bag too with shoulder strap. Weighs 1.7Kilo (abt 4lbs), supports 4 Kilo (8.8 lbs.) Rises up nearly to abt 5'6" at camera mount according to the manual but I'm 5'8" and have to stand on tiptoe to see thru the Graflex 23 view glass when it's fully extended.

Here are a couple photos. The tripod is a TnB brand as you can see in photo 1. In the second photo, I hung my camera bag easily on the hook. I really leaned on the tripod trying to get it to wiggle. Very solid so I imagine it would easily support a Graflex 4X5 at least. Look how small the Graflex 23 Crown Graphic looks when mounted on it.

I'm offering this in case someone is travelling to Europe with LF gear and may not want to lug a heavy (and valuable) tripod around the airports, chancing damage or loss. There are superstores all over the place so you should be able to find this tripod without too much difficulty.