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Thread: Frame size for 14x17 and 16x20 Print

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    Re: Frame size for 14x17 and 16x20 Print

    I found this thread helpful, and particularly post #2 by Jim Kitchen.

    I just order a frame for a 14x17 enlargement based very closely on Jim"s template. I used the one with 1/2" borders between the photograph and the mat and made the signature space 3/4" instead of 1". The frame came out to 21 3/4" x 24" for landscape oriented image. I ordered the frame along with some others from FDI. This will be my second order from FDI for custom frames. I was very pleased with my first order btw.

    Personally I'm much happier with custom sized frames. Most of my images just don't quite fit standard frame sizes.


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    Re: Frame size for 14x17 and 16x20 Print

    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Zhang View Post
    I have finally have some contact prints of 14x17 and 16x20 sizes that I want to hang them on the wall.

    What frame size do you use for these sizes? Frame Destination does not even have cut mat boards of 14x17 and for 16x20 they have frames of 20x24 and 24x28. Do you have to tell them the exact sizes of your prints when you order as the film size is about about 1/4" short on each side?

    The subject matter is landscapes and seascapes.


    I would like to use 20Χ24 inch frame for 16x20 prints. You can also leave beefy mat around your image. And, if you remove matting a 16Χ20 print will fill the whole frame.
    For prints of 14x17 size I would use 20x24 inches frame. Frames come in all kinds of styles and colours, you can go through on-line sites to discover more options. You can also get online size chart which will help you determine the best choice.

    You can see this site for knowing how you can use different frames with different image sizes.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20x24-with-16x20-Mat.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	16x20-Black-Satin-Frame-with-11x14-Off-White-Mat-p-501-601402-z.jpg 
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    Re: Frame size for 14x17 and 16x20 Print

    Quote Originally Posted by fdi View Post
    Hugo, You can just select “Custom” which is the first size choice on our website (I am the owner of Frame Destination, Inc.) in the frame or mat size pull-down. We only have a $2.50 custom setup fee.

    If you want the mat to overlap 1/8” on all 4 sides and a 3 inch visible mat border you can use these mat board dimensions:

    For 14x17 artwork:
    Inner Width: 13-3/4”
    Inner Height: 16-3/4”
    Top/Side/Bottom Borders: 3-1/8”
    This results in a picture frame size of 20x23 inches.

    For 16x20 artwork:
    Inner Width: 15-3/4”
    Inner Height: 19-3/4”
    Top/Side/Bottom Borders: 3-1/8”
    This results in a picture frame size of 22x26 inches.

    I agree about the 20x24-picture frame size being a little tight for a 16x20. The 24x28 framing size gives a nice gallery look but can be large for many walls. We did not make 22x26 a standard size because we already have 80 mat sizes and our website supports custom mat sizes.

    Frame Destination, Inc.
    +1, except that I would add 1/4" on the bottom border. I was taught that having the bottom be wider is kind of a convention, and I have always found that I prefer that look.

    Also: for pictures of this size, I use unbreakable and lighter plexiglas, and never clean it with paper products to avoid scratching.
    Bruce Barlow
    author of "Finely Focused" and "Exercises in Photographic Composition"

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    Re: Frame size for 14x17 and 16x20 Print

    I like 24x28" (600x700mm) for 16x20 prints. Using 20x24 means the frames look a bit skinny.

    If you're making 24x28 mattes, buy the oversized boards. They cost a bit more but you can get two mattes out of one board; I don't recall the exact size but they're bigger than 700x1200mm.

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