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Thread: Alaska trip. Advice. Partners ?

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    Alaska trip. Advice. Partners ?

    I would recommend Katmai for something unusual. Very erie and desolate lanscapes "if" you catch it on a rare clear day. Other than the Katmai volcanic area, not much to see except sport fishing salmon and bears feeding on them. Steve M.

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    Alaska trip. Advice. Partners ?

    The view from the top of Mt. Foraker is supposed to be quite nice.

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    Alaska trip. Advice. Partners ?

    Weather can be iffy-I was there in July. You're sure you want to schlep a LF around?I did Kenai Peninsula-Homer/Denali with a clear view of Denali!/Kennicott-McCarthy-good for the old ore mill/Valdez.Mosquitos varied to location but large. I wore "bear bells" when hiking but Lehman's probably right. George Nedleman

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