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Thread: How to you carry 8x10 (or larger) camera. Your solution?

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    Re: How to you carry 8x10 (or larger) camera. Your solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Fitzgerald View Post
    Susan some great ideas for transporting gear. Once I find my digital camera somewhere in my apartment I'll take a photo of this pack loaded. I got this to house my 14x17. I have a cart but I do like to get off trail. Just came in from UPS and I still have to load it. What fun! Really have to up the workout routine now!!
    I decided a long time ago that an 8x20 was too big to backpack. . .actually, the 6 holders with the camera would have been the problem . .and the lens. . .and the light meter. But here is JB's 11x14 backpack. . .it will carry the camera, three lenses and four holders.

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    Re: How to you carry 8x10 (or larger) camera. Your solution?

    Susan, I remember seeing this set up when I was building my Zone VI type 11x14. JB's post on the 8x20 build was very helpful to me BTW! I ended up finding an MEI backpack for the 11x14. It handles the camera two lenses and I can take four holders in the day pack on the back. I recently found one for the 8x20. I sold my REI pack that I was using for the 8x20 as it did not fit my torso. I'm covered when it comes to packs now all the way up to 14x17.

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    Re: How to you carry 8x10 (or larger) camera. Your solution?

    Thanks for the examples and advices everyone!

    I haven't jet done any final decisions so I am still open for suggestions.
    I have to check if stores will offer something where the camera, couple of lenses, holders etc would fit.
    However I think that the approach will be something like Tatanka style carry rack with various bags/packages.

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