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Thread: How to clean changing tent

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    How to clean changing tent

    I just bought a Shadow Box Changing Tent off ebay
    It is MUSTY...does anyone know if I can wash it, without damaging the tent?


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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    Musty = mildew = coated nylon death. The changing bag was probably left stored in it's stuff sack. If it were just a stuff bag you could dust it with talcum (baby) powder occasionally and it would be usable but not a good idea for film changing. I experienced the death of a couple loved backpacking tents before I learned the lesson: Thou shalt not store coated fabrics in their stuff sacks. Your results may vary especially if you live in the desert southwest.

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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    Try wiping the inside with a damp cloth or sponge.

    Open it up as much as possible to allow the air to circulate and leave it in the sun for a day, or more.

    Fresh air and sunshine can cure mold and mildew without the need for cleaning agents that contain chlorine or harsh chemicals.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    If the damage to the urethane coating on the nylon is minor, you can purchase a
    refresher coating at outdoor stores, but make sure it cures completely and air it well
    before using it or putting it back in storage. If the urethane has deteriorated to the
    point where, well, it smells like a bad cat litter box, its probably too late.

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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    Fill bathtub w/4 inches of cold water.
    Add 1/4 cup Woolite; swish water.
    Submerge dark bag/tent; let soak 10 min.
    Gently agitate by moving parts of the bag up and down, allowing the soapy water to exchange through the interior of the bag several times. About another 10 min. Drain tub.
    Refill tub about half full w/cold water for rinsing.
    Again, gently agitate. Repeat.
    On second rinse, add a cap full (a cap, not a cup), of Pine-sol or Lysol.
    After letting the bag drip in the tub for awhile, (until it quits dripping), form into shape and air dry.
    To keep the floor and ceiling of the bag separated during drying, use plastic kitchen items like Tupperware bowls or tumblers. The perforated basket from a salad spinner works great.
    ***Do not put in dryer***

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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    Thanks Eveyone!

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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    A little vodka on a rag does wonders to alleviate smells from surfaces. I doubt the fabric is seriously moldy or you would see the growth.

    And the ethanol is a very mild solvent so I find it typically does not attack plastics or coatings.

    Try it on a small outside patch first. And let it air dry thoroughly.

    Bob G.
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    Re: How to clean changing tent

    The washer and dryer will make a new tote bag for you. With all the interior coating coming loose, imagine loading film in a glitter bag.

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