Daniel and Paul, thanx for the laugh, sure appreciate it... Now that I am getting older, I finally stoped pondering this question, I notice this not only in LF photography, but any other hobby or interest group I have ever been in. However, if you want to see an area where woman out number men, go to the clothing stores such as Saks, Nordstroms, etc. Shopping, Michael Bolton concerts, being wined / dined and getting your hair / nails done is much more relaxing than lugging 60 lbs worth of gear up a mountain, only to sit their all day waiting for wind to die down so you can get one damn shot. Then you find out the blowing sand scratched your lens... ouch.. Sometimes I even wonder why we do it? Any woman libers, please no hate mail, I polled several woman and am only reporting the results of the survey... Whats really interesting, while touring the national parks for the last 2 years, I have only seen 2 other LF shooters, and maybe a few dozen MF shooters... 35mm dominates the world... Sometimes park rangers approach me when I have my black 8x10 stretched out to 600mm with lens hood and dark cloth... I feel as if someone reported me and the park rangers are coming to stop me, before I fire my bazooka!