I believe most of the above answers were based on the assumption that you would need the scanner for high quality printed output - not online display. The 17.5 Mb scan of the 5x7 b/w would be a scan of approximately 700dpi if my math is correct. You will have no problem obtaining this type of scan with many of the lower priced flatbed scanners with tray adapters. A couple were mentioned above but unless you are going to be using the scanner for high quality prints, you can find something for under $1000. Actually, I recently read a gushing review in Shutterbug (Jan 2000) on the CanoScan FB1200S. According to the review, this scanner was made specifically for 120 and 4x5 scans. Specs: 1200dpi (optical); 36 bit color; 3.3 dynamic range (Dynamic range is a key number in the comparison of scanners. The above mentioned Nikon and Polaroid 4x5 scanners have d.r.'s of 3.6, I believe. 3.3 is about average for most desktop scanners under $2000.)

The best part: $499 Two caveats: It's relatively slow and it will not suffice if you're looking to get greater than 5x7 prints from a 35mm negative.

Two sites were provided at the end of the article: www.ccsi.canon.com and www.canoscan.com

Good luck.