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Thread: Tripod and Head for Toyo 810G Monorail

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    Tripod and Head for Toyo 810G Monorail

    Have searched the forums and found bits and pieces but nothing really useful, hopefully someone can answer this one for me :-)

    The 810G has a rail clamp and 3/8"? thread, I think. At the moment I'm using that as the tripod head, screwed directly onto a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod. I use the extension of the legs to get the camera at the right level; hardly ideal.

    Mike Stacey

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    Re: Tripod and Head for Toyo 810G Monorail

    Will the Toyo G rotate (yaw) left and right from the rail clamp, like the Sinar Norma it is based on? If so, you can use one of the tilt and pan (2-way) heads like the Sinar Pan-Tilt or the Ries, Linhof, or Bilora style heads. These heads are stronger and lighter than the typical 3-way head.

    Otherwise, people rarely complain about the big #5-series Gitzo low profile 3-way, the 1507 I think is the number.

    Most of these heads have 3/8-16 bolts available (often simply a matter of flipping the screw) or just use a 1/4-20 adapter, it will still hold fine.

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