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Thread: I was part of a tv show on sports photography

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    I was part of a tv show on sports photography

    I'm not a TV star yet, and it's not likely to happen any time soon, but I was part of a three photographer panel about sports photography on The show is called "Photo Espresso" and runs live on Thursday's. It doesn't have much to do with LF but you might enjoy the show, or one of the others on the site.

    "Photo Espresso is a weekly webcast on all things photography with guests from around the world."

    The show on sports photography has a lot of interesting comments by the four of us.... it is over an hour long... so be warned. You could have watched it live but now can stream it or download it. You can find it at is doing a good job on interviewing photographers and the shows are very interesting. They produce Photo Espresso and also Fine Art Photography Weekly which is also worth watching.


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    Re: I was part of a tv show on sports photography

    Definately enjoyed the show and Darren Heath did credit Ansel Adams for a quote so It did have something to do with LF.

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